When was the last time you felt fantastic?

Indicated benefits of C-60 (from research and testimonials):


Promotes calmness

Improves clarity of mind

Significantly reduces stress

Restores brain function

Has rejuvenating effects

Provides more energy

Enhances quality of sleep

Promotes longevity

Improves quality of life in pets

The Discovery of Carbon 60

Carbon 60, otherwise called c60 or fullerene 60, was first generated in 1985 by Harold Kroto, James R. Heath, Sean O’Brien, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley at Rice University.In 1996 Kroto, Curl and Smalley have been rewarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their roles in the discovery of buckminsterfullerene, and the related fullerenes.

What is Carbon Sixty?

60 atoms of pure carbon in a dodeca-icosa / soccer ball shape, also called a Buckminster Fullerine (Buckyball)

It is 100% non-toxic, because we are made of carbon

Its potential in medicinal chemistry and as a therapeutic agent is attracting a lot of attention from the scientific community

Expand Energy, Performance and Endurance with C60 Liquid Light

Carbon 60 is an amazing molecule for increasing your health and longevity. Numerous scientific studies have discovered C60 has positive health enhancing properties for both animals and plants. C60 is 172 times paper writing service more effective against oxidative radicals than Vitamin C. C60 has also been found to be highly protective against radiation.​ Our C60 is infused into healthy writing service Theraphi’d MCT coconut oil for maximum monomolecular absorption.

What will Carbon Sixty do for you?

Indicated benefits of C-60 (from research and testimonials):


Reduces post-surgery healing time

Reduces of bad cholesterol

Inhibits allergic reactions

Alleviates many eye conditions

Brings body back to homeostasis

Reduces inflammation
and muscle soreness

Removes heavy metals and poisons
from the brain

Assists in detoxification of
the gut biome

Protects against all
forms of radiation

Where to find Carbon Sixty?

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