Original C60 Testing on Rats

Carbon 60 gained much acclaim after a famous study by Fathi Moussa of Universite Paris Sud that was set out to explore the toxicity of Carbon 60. The research team did not find any toxicity of C60, but instead the rats that were treated with C60 enriched olive oil showed better immunity against illnesses and intense radiation.

The international research community became very interested in the further research of C60, because of the surprising outcome of the study: while the normal lifespan of rats ranges between 2-3 years, rats treated with C60 olive oil lived far over 5 years with the oldest rat being sacrificed to publish the study 6 years after it had started.

By comparing rats that were treated with olive oil, a group of rats treated with C60 olive oil and a control group of rats that were given a normal diet Mr Moussa and his colleagues wanted to check for C60 side effects.

Instead of finding and side effects of Carbon 60, they revealed that C60 is not only completely safe even in large doses and taken for extensive timespans, but the rats treated with C60 olive oil outlived the other groups considerably.

Read the original study here