The Science

How it Works

C60 or Buckminsterfullerenes have many amazing biologically enhancing properties. C60 has a slight positive +2 charge that attracts negatively charged oxidative free-radicals and neutralizes them. Each C60 molecule absorbed through the skin or internally for research purposes only, can help neutralize large numbers oxidizing free-radicals every second. This occurs without the C60 molecule being changed or losing reductive potency. C60 rapidly resets and keeps on working. When the cells of the body are relieved of an existing free-radical oxidative burden, they can once again function at natural peak efficiency. Increasing energy, performance and virility.

Scientific Studies

Scientific StudiesScientific studies on animals found C60 increased rodent lifespans by between 35% to 100%.

  • See links 1 and 2 for the science papers. Learning speed and memory were increased significantly.
  • See link 2 for info on how age related cognitive decline and tumors were completely prevented.
  • See links 1 and 2 for how potential negative effects of environmental toxins and radiation were eliminated.
  • Links 1, 2 and 3 for how the test animals on C60 lived long, vigorous and health lives. C60 does not exhibit toxicity at even absurdly high doses and is very safe.
  • Link 4 shows how telomere length is directly related to lifespan. Telomeres wrap the ends of the chromosomes and keep them stable. Oxidative stress has been found through scientific research to be a significant cause of telomere shortening, the main cause of aging. C60 reduces oxidative radicals. A reduction in oxidative radicals may be responsible for the significantly increased lifespans and vigor found in these peer reviewed scientific studies.

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The C60 molecule consists of 60 carbon atoms bonded together in a sphere structure that resembles the shape of a soccer ball. This revolutionary molecule was first generated by professors Harold Kroto, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley in 1985 at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA. Later in 1996 they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their role in the discovery of C60. It is an extremely powerful antioxidant 172X more powerful than vitamin C and 100X more powerful than vitamin E. But most importantly, when dissolved in MCT oil, C60 gets to where antioxidants are needed most, within cell membranes.

C60 in MCT Oil works by enhancing the functioning of your body’s powerhouses within cells called mitochondria. MCT oil carries the C60 into the mitochondria where it makes the energy production process far more efficient and protects the mitochondria and its DNA from ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) damage, better than anything presently known to science.

Reports suggest that C60 in MCT Oil may:

  • Improve Health & Longevity
  • Increase Energy, Stamina & Endurance
  • Cause regression of Scars, wrinkles & grey hairs
  • Increase cognitive function & stress resistance
  • Provide anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial effects
  • Increase protection from sunburn
  • Reduce exercise recovery time

Only recently have researchers began to explore the potential health benefits of supplementing with this extraordinary substance. A very exciting study by the University of Paris showed that the lifespans of rats given C60 Olive Oil almost doubled over the control group (90% longer). C60 is DNA strengthening, it offers UV and radio protection, has antiviral qualities, it is immune stimulating and has anti-cancer effects.

Due to preliminary research on its safety C60 has been cleared for human consumption in Europe. C60 in MCT Oil is currently used for general health and longevity, but is also ideal for use as a pre-workout or pre-race energy supplement to ensure you are performing at your peak. You are likely to notice being able to lift heavier weights, increased reps in the gym, shaving seconds off your race times and increased stamina for endurance events.

  1. The Original Study by Baati/Moussa at the University of Paris discovering anti-aging benefits.
  2. User experiences on popular longevity forum
  3. article – Can Eating Buckyball Infused Olive Oil Prolong Your Lifespan
  4. article – Diet Of Buckyballs Nearly Doubles Rat Lifespan

Extracts from Some Articles

From (2007) Medical applications of fullerenes: “The 1999 published results have shown that fullerenes have a potential as biological antioxidants. The antioxidant property is based on the fact that fullerenes have a large amount of conjugated double bonds and the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) that can easily take up an electron, making it possible to attack radical species. It has been reported that up to 34 methyl radicals have been added to a single C60 molecule. This quenching process appears to be catalytic. In other words, the fullerene can react with many superoxides without being consumed. Due to the fact that property, fullerenes are considered to be the most efficient radical scavengers in the world and are known as radical sponges (Krusic et al. 1991)). The main advantage of using fullerenes as a medical antioxidant is their ability to locate within the cell to mitochondria and other cell compartments where free radicals are produced in diseased states.

Experiments on rats carried out by Najla Gharbi and co-workers proved this remarkable property. They showed that aqueous C60 suspensions produced without the use of a polar organic solvent not only do not show acute or subacute toxicity in rodents, but also protect their liver from damage by free radicals (“Gharbi et al. 2005”).

Another possible interaction re stem cells is with uncoupling proteins (UCP). These proteins are valves that switch mitochondria into a heat-producing mode, and are highly expressed in stem cells, thereby keeping them as stem cells. If C60 could inhibit such proteins, it could stimulate stem cells proliferation and differentiation. It might also do this in cancer cells (which switch their mitochondria in a similar fashion to stem cells), thereby forcing them to become somatic cells again–differentiation therapy. There’s no particular reason to expect C60 to function as a decoupling protein inhibitor except for the congruent geometry of the protein and the C60 molecule, and that both can be found in the mitochondrial wall and the effects noted by some users are consistent with the stimulation of stem cells.

“More recent experiments have provided insight on how C60 molecules may make our cells more youthful. Much like the larger organism, each cell processes fuel to release energy, and then excretes the resulting waste. For this purpose, every cell has organelles known as mitochondria. Mitochondria act as cellular power plants, releasing chemical energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) through the process of respiration. They also play key roles in a cell differentiation and life cycle. As we get older, our cells tend to do these tasks less and less efficiently. Eventually, there is build-up within the cells of toxic materials in the form of “free radicals”, which are not being properly disposed of. This build up of oxidized material is most likely a primary cause of ageing. Research suggests that C60 molecules are able to penetrate the mitochondria membrane and bond with free radicals, facilitating their excretion as cellular waste. This increases the overall efficiency of the metabolic process, essentially making the cells work as if they are far more youthful.”